Ode to Shel (The Giving Tree)

from by Heaven Lindsey-Burtch

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A story song based on Shel Silverstein's book The Giving Tree


i would drop an apple down
i would drop a banjo down
i would drop most anything for you

boy + tree
carve it in my bark
boy + tree
tell me you'll love me 'til my roots rot out
'til all my leaves fall down

give give giving is all i know
i will give you all my love boy
please have all you need

sister sally sister sally
sang you a love song
like the one you sang me before
you carved her initial
over where mine used to be
but you know i'll still give you my all

now i am weeping like a willow
but i'm standing strong as oak
you know i'm sweet as a maple for you sugar
you make me blush like a redwood
you make you yearn like a ponderosa pine

you want to be the king of the forest
here's my leaves you can make a crown
you want money take my apples
you want children take my branches
and built them a home
you want to sail away from this wretched place
take my trunk it's all i have left to give
but boy before you go
i hope you know
i'm gonna miss you so

now timber oh timber the giving tree
timber oh timber the giving tree
she gave him all her love
and he took all her love

i'm so tired
i am so weary
since you sailed away from here
the only thing that
could make me happy
is the pleasure of your company
so come and sit awhile

you look so tired
you look so weary
where've you been all these years?
i saved this seat for you
it's the least that i could do
it's all this old stump is good for anymore

tree i'm sorry
i took all you had to give
i didn't realize
you needed those things to live

boy, come on
just sing with me
come on
just swing with me
one last time


from Inch by Inch, released November 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Heaven Lindsey-Burtch Oakdale, California

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