Inch by Inch

by Heaven Lindsey-Burtch

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Steven Lindsey
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Steven Lindsey Performed by my #1 grandchild! Favorite track: A Song for Hector.
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recorded in my living room with Chandler Pratt


released November 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Heaven Lindsey-Burtch Oakdale, California

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Track Name: Sound of Silence
I've grown to hate the sound of silence
but he greets me at the doors
of all the houses of my friends
And he's hiding in the phone again
and in the middle of all our conversations

I heard him singing a love song

I want to be the sound of
the sea before a storm comes
I want to be the pride in my grandfather's eye
But when it comes to survival I have found
it's best to stay quiet

Now I am screaming down the hallway
"Get the hell out of here
I don't want to see you anymore
And I won't take you back again"
But I cry every time I slam the door, then

Silence finds his way back into my heart

I want to the sound of
comfort in arms
I want to be a mother's kiss
on her baby's head
But it's all a mystery to me
so I keep to myself instead

Burn the pages of all the books I've read
Build a fire with the words that I have written
But when the words just won't come
What will you use to keep yourself warm

Now I've seen too many birds shot down
by teenagers in a small town
And I've seen too many men hang their heads
and never find the strength to get back up again

And when I dropped my mirror to the bottom of the lake
All the silver lining washed away
So I have take a vow of silence
I have taken a vow of silence
Track Name: Ode to Shel (The Giving Tree)
i would drop an apple down
i would drop a banjo down
i would drop most anything for you

boy + tree
carve it in my bark
boy + tree
tell me you'll love me 'til my roots rot out
'til all my leaves fall down

give give giving is all i know
i will give you all my love boy
please have all you need

sister sally sister sally
sang you a love song
like the one you sang me before
you carved her initial
over where mine used to be
but you know i'll still give you my all

now i am weeping like a willow
but i'm standing strong as oak
you know i'm sweet as a maple for you sugar
you make me blush like a redwood
you make you yearn like a ponderosa pine

you want to be the king of the forest
here's my leaves you can make a crown
you want money take my apples
you want children take my branches
and built them a home
you want to sail away from this wretched place
take my trunk it's all i have left to give
but boy before you go
i hope you know
i'm gonna miss you so

now timber oh timber the giving tree
timber oh timber the giving tree
she gave him all her love
and he took all her love

i'm so tired
i am so weary
since you sailed away from here
the only thing that
could make me happy
is the pleasure of your company
so come and sit awhile

you look so tired
you look so weary
where've you been all these years?
i saved this seat for you
it's the least that i could do
it's all this old stump is good for anymore

tree i'm sorry
i took all you had to give
i didn't realize
you needed those things to live

boy, come on
just sing with me
come on
just swing with me
one last time
Track Name: A Song for Hector
i'll build a boat with these hard hands
and i'll paint it red
so you can see me on the horizon
and know i am coming home to you

everytime i come to shore
i feel the sand shifting under my feet
i've been sailing so long
i still haven't seen a thing

and i put my heart and my soul on the line
but the sea just kept drowning me out
i wanted to roll up my sleeves
and get my hands dirty
but there's no way to fight the sea
without your hands coming clean

so mother moon
won't you come down
and sing my a lullaby
to calm the rage in my heart
we're sailing through cold water
and i feel a hurricane coming on
you better run
you better run
you better run
Track Name: week # knights ferry
come sing by the fire
we'll sleep by the creek
in the morning the sun
will kiss our cheeks
and we'll wake
with a new day

don't be afraid kids
come take my hand
i know this a strange
and an unfamiliar land
but we'll master it
i'll be your friend

and i'll carry you
across the bridge
when you can't walk anymore
and i'll find a safe place
to sit down in the cool shade
when your back is sore

fumbling in the dark
you can't hit the switch
your dreams been flooded out
but we'll promise you laughter
warmth in the summer
and dancing the troubles away

stretch out your arms
we'll jump at the sun
this is the countdown
this is three two one

city life is quick
i know that you are tired
but can you look me in the eye
and tell me this ain't
what you've been looking for
all these years

cause we can carry you
across the bridge
when you can't walk anymore
and we'll find a safe place
to sit down in the warm sun
when your heart is broken

fumbling in the dark
you can't hit the switch
your dreams been flooded out
but we'll promise you laughter
warmth in the summer
and dancing the troubles away